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The ONLY pet bed you will ever need!
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The bed is made with PVC and is extremely durable. The nails of the pet should not destruct the bed. However, chewing can destroy the bed. If your pet chews, this bed would not be advised for your pet.

Will my pet pop the bed with his/her nails?

What size would be right for my pet?

How do I clean my Pet Bed?

Our Small size would be for extra small and small pets. Medium size would be for small to medium sized pets. Our extra large beds would be for large and extra large pets. The beds  dimensions are on ordering page.

Well, it would depend on if would like a firm mattress you would add more air and if you would like a softer bed you would remove some of the air.

How much air does the pet bed need?

Wash the cover in your washing machine with mild detergent. Tumble dry low or hang to dry.
Wash the mattress by wiping it with a sanitizing wipe.  (as shown side image) It dries quickly and can be reassembled in seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions