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The ONLY pet bed you will ever need!
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Snappy Snoozers® vision is to change how pet beds are cleaned and sanitized. Simply wipe mattress down with sanitizing wipe and attach a washable quilt. 

Roberta MacDowell,CEO of Snappy Snoozers® 

Amazing Pet Expo West Palm Beach 2016

Global Pet Expo Trade Show Orlando, FL.  2017

Snappy Snoozers®

  • Easy to clean& sanitize​
  • Doesn't to lose shape
  • Great for older pets
  • Indoors/Outdoors
  • Waterproof
  • ​Made to last

Superzoo Trade Show Las Vegas 2016

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Global Pet Expo Trade Show Orlando, FL.  2017


Snappy Snoozers® has created what most busy pet owners need and want!  A pet bed that has "NO DOWN TIME" always have a clean and sanitized pet bed. One that you can control how firm or soft the pet bed is by simply adding or removing air from mattress.


No other pet bed has snap-able quilts. No Zippers, No sheet that slides off and No encasing that falls apart. Snappy Snoozers® Designed with snaps that makes cleaning done in a SNAP!

Amazing Pet Expo Ft Lauderdale 2016

Amazing Pet Expo West Palm Beach 2016

About Snappy Snoozers®  Pet Beds

Snappy Snoozers® was created for the busy pet owner that can't afford to waste time while waiting for the soiled pet bed to be washed and dried. Then come to find out that the pet bed has then lost it's shape and the cover is too small for the cushion.
Roberta K. MacDowell is the designer and Founder of the Snappy Snoozers® pet bed. The inflatable mattress consists of a quilt that has snaps along the mattress to snap the quilt on and off.  Therefore making the mattress very easy to sanitize as the mattress can be wiped down and a new sheet can be snapped onto the mattress. Our pet bed is the newest innovation and very unique in it's design. The design of the bed has a pending patent. Our pet beds are made for large and small pets.